How to file a claim?

It is extremely important to file a claim properly.

The settlement of a claim depends primarily on how you file your claim and how promptly this is done.

 Our insurance company will take your claim into consideration only if:

You alert TRANSO by telephone and in writing within 48 hours after the arrival of the container to your warehouse or to the public warehouse you may use (called a "Preliminary Claim"). The Preliminary Claim must be sent to the ocean carrier with a copy to TRANSO.

Let TRANSO know about the type of loss/damage, its extent and value, our TRANSO file # and the seal number (it is imperative to check the seal & to keep it once removed from the container).

The Final Claim must be accompanied by the following documents (these must be sent to Transo Usa Inc., not to the ocean carrier) :

  • The Interchange Receipt of the container provided by the steamship line on the pier when the container was discharged.
  • The original Bill of lading or copy of the Express Bill of Lading.
  • Preferably the original or copies of the commercial invoices.
  • A copy of the Customs Entry showing the amount of tax & duties paid.
  • A copy of the TRANSO insurance declaration submitted to TRANSO for the shipment in question.
  • The trucker receipts signed on the pier and upon arrival at the warehouse duly signed by both parties (your trucker and by your warehouse manager).
  • The trucker’s receipt must show whether the seal was intact, had been tampered with, or was missing upon arrival at your warehouse, and any other pertinent remark and/or comment. Do not discard the seal; we may need it at a later stage of the claim.

Should you notice damaged cargo, missing cargo or any other abnormal situation, please contact TRANSO at once. Do not start unloading the cargo. It may be necessary for us and/or the steamship line or trucking company to send a surveyor in order to proceed with the claim.

Always take photographs if you notice anything wrong with the cargo. The original photos must be sent to Transo USA Inc.

Failure to follow the above mentioned steps may result in the rejection or a delay in the processing of your claim.